Mixed Soup Base:

Hot Soup:

Main Ingredients: Guizhou hot pepper, Sichuan pepper of Maowen, Pixian bean sauce, natural spices.

Main Features: The hot soup is numbing, spicy, refreshing and delicious. The soup tastes mellow and spicy, but not spicy to make your tongue feel scorched. It is organic and contains no recycled oil, for single use only. Our soup is daily fresh-made.

Light Soup:

Main Ingredients: pork bones.

Main Features: The light soup is delicious, rich-flavored and good for your calcium supplement. Its functions of skin care and regulating Qi and blood are also good for your health. Our soup is daily fresh-made.


Special Sliced Mutton: chosen from lamb gigot meat; slightly lean.


No.3 Beef in Hot Pot: chosen from shoulder meat; slightly lean; with marbling; tasty.


Fresh Beef Tripe: fresh beef tripe with a tasty and tender flavor, tastes glazed and refreshing. Better for instant-boiling.


Fresh Duck Intestines: fresh duck intestines with a tasty and tender flavor. Better for instant-boiling.


Made from fresh prawns with a glazed, tender and refreshing taste

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